ESTES Kongresszus: Dr. Fröhlich Péter megnyitó beszéde

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Dr. Fröhlich Péter megnyitó beszéde az Európai Traumatológiai és Sürgősségi Sebészeti Társaság Kongresszusán (2008. május 24-27.)

Dear Mr Minister, Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues

We, the Hungarian Traumatology Society, would like to thank for giving us the opportunity to host and organize this first congress for ESTES here in Budapest. Let me assure you that the organisers have done their upmost for its success. Being the first congress we are fully aware that this is about making a name for ESTES and not just about us. We also have to thank the Mondial&Evens Organisation Bureau for their assistance. We even had to take an examination in cooperation with the foreign bureau.

The topics of the congress show, that this new organisation is linked together with traumatology and emergency surgery. Here in Hungary, emergency surgery is done mostly by general surgeons. Therefore to our colleagues, we also extend our thanks, In the field of emergency surgery, I think, there could be new programs organized where both surgeons and traumatologists can meet, exchange and cooperate in many countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen

20 years ago, for us doctors the most important duty was to use the most effective professional methods for healing injured patients. Many countries nowadays are going through a process of reform, also here in Hungary. Unfortunately, for the patients and Doctors, these reforms are often about money and not about successful healing: inexpensive methods/procedures, cheaper care, and reduced services. To begin with, this kind of health care will be deficient and in the long run even more expensive for the society. Societies haven’t decided yet if they want quality health care or cheaper treatment. Our aim is to look after our patients so that they can recover from their injuries and have more years as happy members of society.

The program of the congress proves that we have stayed true to our medical oath. We wish to see the preservation of quality care and the best use of procedures and practises in the future, too.

As part of the many activities within the medical profession, we have not only the opportunity to reward and acknowledge members of our field, but also recognise lifetime achievements, especially within Academic circles.

There is one man – Professor Manninger – without his support and knowledge, Hungarian traumatology would have taken a completely deferent path. Today, we would like to honour him for his diligence, support and mentoring, and especially his achievements in hand surgery, which has raised the standard of Hungarian surgery to European levels.

As well as recognising this lifetime achievement we would like to congratulate him on reaching his 90th birthday this year. Many happy returns – Professor Manninger!

Every year, the Hungarian Society of Traumatology awards one of its members the Sándor Lumnitzer Memorial Award. This is given to the most outstanding contribution to enhance the life and work of the Hungarian traumology.

This year the award is given to Professor Vécsei.

May I ask Vilmos Vécsei to come up on stage and receive his Award.

Ladies and Gentlement

I wish you a pleaent stay in Budapest!

It is with great pleasure that, hereby I officially declare the First Congress of ESTES OPEN.