AOTrauma Course—Intraoperative Imaging

AOTrauma Course—Intraoperative Imaging
Hands-on 2-D and 3-D imaging exercises with anatomical specimens

Dear AOTrauma course participant,
We are honored to welcome you to the AOTrauma Course. We hope you will enjoy your course and the entire experience.
What is AOTrauma? We are a “clinical division”—a community for trauma and orthopedics within the AO Foundation. As a clinical division we aim to integrate and align applied and clinical research, education, and community development functions into one direction—AOTrauma for the benefit of our members, stakeholders, and patients.
How can AOTrauma benefit you? By working as a single team we focus and leverage our resources, expertise, and skills to create and deliver new and greater value to our members.
What does this mean in education? AOTrauma is committed to providing you the best possible educational experience by continuously embracing and introducing new educational techniques to help you learn and more effectively implement your knowledge for the benefit of your patients.
Why join AOTrauma? Joining AOTrauma means you are part of the trauma and orthopedic community within the AO. AOTrauma will help you develop lifelong friendships and relationships. We will help you access our “knowledge network” and take part in new opportunities that advance trauma care.