IAAS 10 – International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery

The next IAAS International congress on Ambulatory Surgery will be held in 5-8 May, 2013, Budapest, Hungary, and organized by the IAAS youngest Full Member, the Hungarian Association For Ambulatory Surgery (HAAS), the thing that we are proud of.
This event will mark the tenth anniversary in the History of IAAS Congresses. The IAAS initial objective is to encourage the development and expansion of high quality surgery and to promote education and research in the subject.
This initiative is the same aim of our Congress, and we will invite an impressive array of international experts on day surgery to present the up to date knowledge of this subject.
Our Congress will be held in our beautiful city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which is famous of its hospitality, city tours and gastronomy. Whenever you need more information, please do feel free contact us anytime.

Website: www.iaas2013congress.com